The Gravitron was created for the first GOON1 Climax. He came from the future from the past to dominate. He was made in 2050 in 1985. Is he man? Is he meat? Is he both? Nobody knows yet. All we know is that he spins, and that once he starts to spin he never stops. He won the GCW Jeff Hardy Championspliff by taking over the original GOON1 Climax, and defeating Kelly Stumpfuck in the finals.

He continued his reign in GCW proper until he came across the Salty Sturgeon, who squeaked out a hard fart fought victory, leaving the Gravitron without his precious title. In the meantime, Kelly Stumpfuck managed to sudbue him backstage and steal his costume, impersonating him. This has sparked a rivalry between the two.

His finisher, the Centrifuge, is a spinning (yeah, who'd have fuckin thought) Fireman's Carry Sitout Powerbomb.


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